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Benefit from Nathan Beier's 30+ years of music experience.

Music Lessons

Drum, Piano, Acoustic & Bass Guitar, Composition, Music Theory, Songwriting


Corporate Events, Weddings, Memorials, Intimate Gatherings

Name Songs

Individual, personalized compositions unique to you


Drumming for Studio Recording, Stand-in, Tours, Collaboration

About Nathan Beier

Nathan Beier, MFA, is a professional full-time musician. With a solid foundation in jazz and rock drumming, Beier began songwriting while in his teens. Soon he began performing his own material on drums, piano, guitar, and bass. Ever wanting the musical knowledge to match his compositional ambition, Beier enrolled at the University of California, Davis. While there, he honed his craft, developing a personal compositional technique which came to fruition throughout his studies leading to a Master in Fine Arts degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies. In addition to being sought out for his own material, Beier is an accomplished teacher, known for his patience and encouragement. As a sideman, Beier's drumming has been crafted by playing in multiple bands, covering various styles from rock to jazz to rock-steady. Beier's years of experience make him an excellent teacher and musician with whom to work.

Why work with Nathan Beier

See what clients & musicians have to say...



“Nate is a terrific piano teacher. He makes piano playing fun for my daughter. She looks forward to her lessons and piano playing has become natural and enjoyable..."

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"Nate put my mind at ease by showing up on time and easily setting up, allowing me and my staff to attend to other matters. Soon his lovely music was playing..."

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"While working on a 30-second spec commercial, I was originally going to hire Mr. Beier for his skills in piano composition..."

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