“While working on a 30-second spec commercial, I was originally going to hire Mr. Beier for his skills in piano composition. At the last minute I decided to go in a different direction and asked him to create a custom drum score. I sent him my video as reference and with a quick turn around he sent back a piece that perfectly matched my request. His drumming gave the commercial spec a uniqueness, energy and vitality that really stood out!”

~ Stacy Hayden


“Nate is a terrific piano teacher. He makes piano playing fun for my daughter. She looks forward to her lessons and piano playing has become natural and enjoyable for her. He customized the music and lessons to her current skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. When my daughter showed an interest in composition, Nate encouraged that pursuit. Nate is a talented composer himself and instills his love of music and the piano. He is a very positive and encouraging teacher and has guided and motivated my child with patience and enthusiasm.”

~ Dann DeMund

“Nate Beier gives piano lessons to my eight­year­old granddaughter. She has been a music lover since the day she was born, but now she is experiencing the adventure of making music. Nate has encouraged her interest in making her own music by writing out her improvisations on musical staff paper so that she can add them to her practice playlist. That detail of his instructional approach speaks volumes about Nate’s ability to relate to children and nurture their native interest in music.”

~ Deanna J. Marquart

“Nate is a fantastic drum teacher. I could bring him any beat that I was having trouble with and he was always able to instruct me in a clear and straightforward way. He is kind and gentle, and most importantly he is patient­, a quality I find essential when learning a new instrument from someone. He always put me at ease and made me feel like I could actually do it with some practice. I learned so much from Nate!”

~ Sonia Hayden


“Nathan Beier’s music added an incredibly special touch to our ceremony. He was responsive and flexible during the planning process, professional and prompt on the day of, but it was his extraordinary creativity that we appreciated most of all. Nathan composed two original songs for our processional, each an instrumental translation of the letters of our names. The “name songs” were absolutely gorgeous and added a truly unique element to the experience. Plus, as the composer, he gave our videographers permission to use them in our highlights video–MUCH better than typical royalty-free music choices. The music he played prior to the ceremony and the recessional were also beautiful; we received so many compliments on the atmosphere he helped create. We wholeheartedly recommend Nathan!!”

~ Corinna Fish

“Mr. Beier’s musicianship perfectly complemented my organization’s awards ceremony . He helped entertain and frame what all reported was the best ceremony yet in 7 years. He put my mind at ease by showing up on time and easily setting up, allowing me and my staff to attend to other matters. Soon his lovely music was playing, food and drink circulating, and smiles were everywhere! I would absolutely hire Mr Beier again.”
~ Anna Motto

“Nathan is a talented musician and a joy to work with.  He kindly chose a wonderful and appropriate piece of music by Erik Satie for the opening song at my sisters funeral.  It was a perfect mood setter, and I will always remember how happy it made me feel during such a dark time in my life.  Yes, I said a happy memory at a funeral!  Thank you so much Nate!”

~ Lisa Tevlin


“Nate is an intuitive musician and a really good listener to what is happening musically in the moment. He reacts and compliments, while also driving and pushing ideas out. Personally he is very thoughtful and easy to work with.”

~ Scott Southard

“I knew of Nate by reputation and performance before I actually met him. I had seen him as a drummer, bass player and vocalist as a part of his own projects and as a sit in drummer with some friends bands. I was always intrigued by his style and impressed with his ability to pick up a bands vibe with very little notice. I finally met Nate and eventually played with him in a rocksteady band. He shared the drumming responsibility with two other drums and always brought his own flare and personality to the table, keeping the beat and the band locked up tight. I was always in the back and enjoyed vibing with nate. I always remarked to folks about Nate when explaining the 3 drummer situation, that playing with Nate was like being taken on a magic carpet ride.”

~ Scott Ballard

“I have worked with Nate for many years, both taking direction from him and giving direction to him during musical collaboration. Working with him and communicating artistic visions in either direction is extremely easy, comfortable and enjoyable. It is always a pleasure to spend my time, energy and creativity with him and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to do so again. I highly recommend him as a musician and/or co-creator!”

~ Rebekkah Dreskin

“As a musician of over 25 years I’ve worked with a lot of different players. One of the nicest, most professional, and generous of them has been Nate Beier. His music is fun and easy to enjoy. I’ve never seen anyone not enjoy one of his shows ­ as a solo performer or with a group. By far one of the great Sacramento musicians.”

~ ­Chad E. Williams Williams Etc. Productions ­ member of N. Nathan, DUNTCH, Dino Crowley, Garage Jazz Architects, and Instagon.

“Nate Beier is a god… Nuff said.”

~ Joseph Kojima Gray

“I started playing music with Nate Beier when we were both about 15 years old. No one has a better feel for where a song should go, either in its writing or performing; he’s one of those rare musicians that doesn’t need a lot of direction, he just gets it, feels it. We always knew what the other was thinking and could play off of each other and take a song wherever it was bound to go without speaking a word. Darn it! I miss that!”

~ Chris Parker