Nathan Beier, MFA, is a composer of music from the spacious and introspective to the vivid and energetic. His music brings together various time signatures, memorable melodies, engaging beats, and subtle harmonies to create a musical voice all his own. Nathan’s complex music feels simple, while also having the quality of a story being told.

Because of this quality, soundtrack work is a natural medium for Nathan. Whether you are working on a short film, a commercial, a live theatrical play, or a full­-length feature film or documentary, Nathan’s music will make the difference. Nathan will create music that best suits your visual work, shaping the music to your needs.

For soundtrack sounds, Nathan employs a variety of instruments: keyboards, piano, drumset, percussion, guitar, and bass all combine to create a wide palette of sounds and compositional possibilities.

Maybe instead of a visual work you have an ensemble and wish to commission an original piece of music. Fantastic! Nathan can compose and arrange a piece for your ensemble, no matter the size.

The potent benefit of adding music to visual work is that music makes images come alive, touching the audience in profound ways. An original sound for your film or visual work will add further layers of meaning to your visions. Let Nathan’s music make that difference for you.